Welcome to Hidden Peaks Coffee & Roasting Co.

Since our founding in 1989, we have been relentless in the pursuit of perfecting our roasting method to put the world’s best tasting coffee in your cup. Family owned and operated, we enjoy cultivating relationships with those who share our passion for coffee and mastering the craft. We invite our customers into our retail store where they can buy gourmet coffee at wholesale prices, smell the beans and sample our handcrafted, artisan coffee in a welcoming environment.


Brazil, Santos Supreme

For more than 100 years these beans known as “green gold” have been cultivated high atop the hills of the Santos region.  The careful harvesting of these beans has remained virtually unchanged for generations.  Strong flavor and medium body make this a wonderful choice for the coffee lover.

Colombian, Supremo

This coffee has large beans, consistent taste, heavy body, full aroma, and low acidity.  A good daily coffee that harmonizes the classic traits of an excellent coffee bean.  This is the blend many consumers became hooked on after abandoning stale, mass-produced, store-bought coffee.

Costa Rica, Tarrazu SHB

“A strictly hard bean” grown at higher elevations, gives this bean its SHB moniker.  While not as rugged as Guatemala, Costa Rica’s distinct micro-climates and strict coffee production criteria produce delicious coffee.  It has a full body, pleasing aroma, and robust freshness.


This aromatic and flavorful coffee is grown in hearty, rich soil and intense sunlight tempered by natural shade trees. These remarkable growing conditions give this coffee an aroma reminiscent of chocolate, full body, and a complex spicy acidity.

Organic Mexican, Fino Rojas

This coffee has its origins in the high mountains of southern mexico and is milder than our special house blend with a medium body, smooth mouth feel and a crisp, yet mild acidic snap. It is full of a nutty flavor and is good for any time of day.

Organic Peruvian

Grown on the northeastern slopes of the Andes Mountains in Northern Peru, our Organic Peruvian is excellent. Characterized by a medium body and slightly sweet taste, the aroma and flavor of this mildly acidic coffee can be enjoyed first thing in the morning and is great for sharing.

Hawaiian Blend 

Full body and flavorful, this Maui estate grown coffee is cultivated in some of the most ideal growing condition’s in the world. It’s smooth and mellow with a straight forward character. One taste and you’ll keep coming back for more.

Sumatra, Mandelling 

Sumatra holds a distinct place in the hierarchy of Indonesian coffee. Wonderfully rich, it has a distinct herbal aroma and a slightly earthy texture. Everyone will love this special coffee.

New Guinea Peaberry

Grown at an excess of 5,000 feet, this bean can be found in the western highlands region of Oceania. With subtle fragrances of floral and fruit, this smooth Indonesian coffee is sweetly acidic with medium body and complex flavor. Be sure to try this one.

Ethiopia, Sidamo

Ethiopia is often referred to as the birthplace of coffee.  With Kenya to the south and Somalia to the southeast, Ethiopia produces some of the most unique tasting coffee we have experienced.  The initial aroma in the cup has a lingering floral, almost perfume-like quality, then develops into hints of spice.  The body is light with an exotic, tangy flavor.

Kenya AA 

Kenya is widely renowned for top quality coffee production.  This is due to the coffee board of Kenya and the K.C.P.U. (Kenya Coffee Production Union), the government organization charged with ensuring absolute quality in all exported Kenya coffee.  Our Kenya is medium bodied with a distinct acidity.  The flavor has a subtle nuttiness with overtones of berry and citrus fruit.

Breakfast Blend 

Wonderful aroma, smooth taste, full body

Park City Blend

Full body, strong aroma, low acidity. One of our most popular signature blends

Snakecreek Blend

Dark blend of South American beans, full body, medium acidity. This blend has become one of our favorites.

Vienna Blend 

For coffee drinkers who prefer the subtle carbon nuances often attributed to “dark roast” coffees, our viennese coffee blends 50% french roast with 50% selected arabica coffees roasted in our regular roast. The flavor hints at smokiness, but is tempered due to it’s full body and round, smooth character.

Wasatch Blend

This full bodied, velvety blend is medium roasted and has a strong aroma with low acidity. This blend is perfect for the coffee lover.

French Roast

Our french roast is a three bean combination roasted at high temperatures to release oils in the bean that give this coffee such a distinct taste. A full body coffee with low acidity and a wonderfully strong aroma.

Italian Roast 

Our darkest roast and obviously the strongest in taste. The smoky and burnt flavor is a result of the very dark roast applied to these beans. our Italian roast is a blend of strictly hard beans that are dense enough to stand up to the long and intense heat in the roasting process. Contrary to popular opinion the taste is very smooth with low palate acidity.

Primo Espresso Blend

We created this blend primarily for espresso machines, although its delicious brewed in a press pot as well. Primo Espresso blend is full bodied and its acidity is complex but not sharp. It’s flavor is a delicious combination of sweetness and bitterness with a rich and intense finish. The crema will last and will not dilute when milk is added.

Flavored Beans

We also offer flavored coffees, which have an extract added to the Colombia Supremo bean, not a sugar-based syrup that is typically added to the liquid after brewing. 


Butter Rum

Blueberry Cobbler

Cinnamon Sticky Bun

Coconut Cream

English Toffee

French Vanilla

French Caramel Cream

Hawaiian Hazelnut

Highlander Grog

Irish Cream


Macadamia Nut


Pumpkin Spice

Southern Pecan

Our gourmet coffee beans come from micro-family farmers who use sustainable practices. We source high quality coffees from around the world that are certified organic,  fair trade,  and shade grown. Our beans change seasonally based on the harvest cycle of the region they are grown in.