4879 South Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
(801) 288-9898

Monday-Thursday 6:30AM-2:00PM
Friday 6:30AM-2:00PM
Saturday 7:00AM-2:00PM
Closed Sunday

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  1. Can you just come in for a cup of coffee or do you just sell the beans?

    1. We do have a full service coffee shop. Come in and see the roaster and get a cup…..
      4879 So. Redwood Road 801-288-9898


  2. Derek, my wife, Nancy, and I have added enjoyment to every morning with your shipment of coffee to our New Mexico home!! Thank you!

    1. Thanx Bill. Stay safe and healthy and don’t run out.

  3. I miss you GUYS!! I was wondering if you have a roast for cold brew and also what you recommend for espresso? I used to come in and get a “dirty white girl” but now I live in PA. I miss your coffee so much.

    1. We miss you to Marie. Our cold brew is our Vienna Blend. It is half French Roast and half Colombian, a really good combo of light and dark. But, whatever you like in a hot version you will like even more for a cold brew.
      Our espresso is also our Vienna blend which is the shots you were getting in The Dirty White Girl…
      Hope you are safe and healthy. Thanx for the Love 🙂

    2. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you…

  4. Hi there!
    Any coffee suggestions for someone who is cutting out the sugar. That’s me!
    I Want to still LOVE my ritual.
    I am using stevia drops… 😑

    Thank you

    1. Cheri,
      Maybe try the higher grown coffee’s that have some citrus or fruity notes. Ethiopian and the Costa Rican have that. Both are also Organic right now.


    2. Sorry for the delay. We could not get to our comment section of the web page 🙂

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